A French Mission Arrives In Nasiriyah, Equipped With Modern Techniques To Excavate Antiquities

Baghdad / NINA /- A French mission arrived this evening, Sunday, to excavate antiquities for the second time this year, to work in the archaeological site of Larsa, west of Nasiriyah.

Director of the Dhi Qar Antiquities Inspectorate, Amer Abdel Razzaq, told Nasiriyah News Network, that the mission arrived this evening in Nasiriyah, headed by Dr. Jessica and her team, to excavate the Larsa site for the fourth season, which is the first time that a mission has come twice during one season, according to a contract concluded with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

He explained that the mission will start its work one day after its arrival, and it will use modern technology to explore using GPS and GPS satellites to know the city’s outer walls, temples, palaces and rivers at the site.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency