Baghdad Minister of Finance, Ali Allawi, stressed the need to proceed according to the prescribed path and within the specific timings and schedules approved by the reform paper, and to combine the efforts of the ministries along with the private sector and coordination with all parties and supporting parties to ensure the achievement of all goals and projects.

During the opinion board meeting, in the presence of the Prime Minister’s advisor, Alaa Al-Saadi, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, the ministry’s advisors and its general managers, today, Sunday, Allawi indicated the need to find appropriate solutions to overcome the difficulties that hinder the implementation of plans and projects with the aim of accelerating the achievement of the goals of the white paper aimed at correcting the path the national economy and achieving sustainable and comprehensive economic development.

The meeting discussed the implementation of the items of the projects that came in the financial and economic reform plan (the white paper) and the follow-up to the extent of the commitment of the implementing agencies to the projects included in the framework of the executive plan of the paper.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency