A Govt Official In Diyala Calls For Volunteering The People Of Sheikh Baba Basin To Protect Their Areas From ISIS Attacks

Baquba A government official in Diyala called on the security authorities to volunteer the people of Sheikh Baba Basin and involve them in securing their areas to prevent the return of ISIS hotbeds and dens to agricultural villages.

The director of Acting Jalawla district, Ahmed Al-Zarkoshi told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that “the recent operations that took place in the villages of Sheikh Baba Basin in the outskirts of Jalawla, northeast of Baquba, which included combing and opening corridors of monitoring and security control inside the orchards require a security presence and the volunteering of the people of those villages to prevent the return of the activity of ISIS cells to the region.

Al-Zarkoshi called for setting up stationed and fortified points under the security umbrella to avoid the return of IEDs and sniper attacks, which killed dozens of civilians.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency