A Hamas source told the Turkish channel TRT: Negotiations with the occupation have reached a dead end

An official source in the Hamas movement told the Turkish channel TRT: The negotiations with the Israeli occupation “are not faltering, but have reached a dead end.”

The source added on Saturday evening: Israel wants to prolong the negotiations for as long as possible, calling on the mediators to “announce their position on the occupation’s intransigence and hold it responsible for the possible collapse of the agreement.”

The Hamas source confirmed that ‘Rafah was not excluded from the ceasefire decision as press reports claimed,’ stressing that ‘the results of the Rafah battle will impose new conditions on Israel’ and that the negotiations after entering Rafah will not be the same as they were before.’

The source indicated that the United States accepted the mediators’ proposal, stressing that Hamas did not present additional demands as Washington claimed.

He said: ‘We dealt positively and flexibly in the negotiations, and our consultations with the rest of the factions will resolve everything, noting th
at the consultations with the resistance factions ‘may take a few days or weeks.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency