A Hideout To Daesh Found, One Of The Terrorists Killed In Southern Mosul

Directorate of Military Intelligence found one of the hideout belonging to Daesh gangs in a village south of Mosul and killed one of the terrorists in an armed clash.

The Directorate said in a statement that its detachments carried out operations to pursuing the remnants of the Daesh gangs and to access to their hideouts and arrest them to refer them to the judiciary to punish them."

It added "According to accurate intelligence information, the military intelligence officers in the division (20) carried out security operations to reach one of the hideouts belonging to the Daesh gangs in Dahla village in Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul and clashed with its members, killing one of the terrorists and found two explosive belts and four silencers inside "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency