A Iranian Presidential Candidate Expresses Readiness To Meet US President

Baghdad The Iranian candidate for the presidential elections of the moderate movement, former President of the Central Bank of Iran Abdel Nasser Hemmati, expressed today, Wednesday, his willingness to meet US President Joe Biden if he wins the Iranian presidential elections scheduled for June 18.

In an interview with the American Associated Press and reported by the Iranian press, he said that he is ready to meet Joe Biden if he wins the elections and under certain circumstances.

Hemmati, who is supported by the moderate movement led by Hassan Rouhani and some reformist parties, added that: A direct meeting between the American and Iranian presidents will be held if the United States shows stronger indications.

Hemmati is 64 years old and is a member of the Quadr al-Binaa party (Building Cadres) , one of the moderate fundamentalist parties, which, after years of its establishment, became part of the Iranian reform movement.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency