A Leader In PMF: All The Civilians Taken As Human Shields By Daesh West Of Mosul Rescued

BAGHDAD - The commander of the 13th Brigade in the popular mobilization forces, Qassim Musleh announced rescuing all civilians who were taken by the Daesh organization as "human shields" west of the city of Mosul, praising the role of the PMF in securing the exit of the families.

"Popular forces have managed to rescue all the civilians who were taken as human shields west of Mosul, to achieving a humanitarian victory added to the military victory," Musleh told the website of the PMF.

He added that "the challenge was humanitarian because the region is a desert and lacks a lot of services in addition to livestock and sheep, which requires great care and a double effort to transfer them to safe areas in the atmosphere of high temperature and thirst."

Musleh explained that "the Directorate of Security and the rest of the formations in the medical and logistical support have played a major role in securing the exit of families and making security checks and provide urgent humanitarian and medical relief."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency