A security source in the province of Kirkuk has announced that a force of the popular crowd has managed to arrest a leader of Daesh organization west of Kirkuk.

The source told NINA News Agency that a force from the popular crowd had arrested the leader of Daesh organization Aqil al-Hammadi in the village of Basin Six in the area of Riyadh, west of Kirkuk.

In a related context, a shepherd was injured in a village in Hawija, west of Kirkuk, within the borders of Riyadh.

A security source said that an explosive device exploded on the shepherd in the village of Rabza in Riyadh and was transferred to the hospital.

The security source said that three members of the local popular crowd were wounded early today in the district of (Debbs) northwest of Kirkuk after a checkpoint for the popular crowd came under an armed attack by elements of Daesh.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency