A Legal Expert: The first electoral predictions are the increase in the number of MPs of the Sunni component in the Parliament

Baghdad The Legal Expert, Tariq Harb, said that the first electoral predictions are to increase the number of MPs of the Sunni component in the House of Representatives.

In a statement, Harb pointed out: “In view of the fact that the candidates and voters from the Sunni component took the upcoming elections in a way that greatly and unimaginably exceeded what was in the previous elections, and because of the nature of the electoral district and the resulting electoral victory, and because what happened from previous electoral results was due to the retirement of the component for the Sunni elections, the number of Sunni MPs in the upcoming parliament from the Sunni component will be more than the number of MPs for the previous elections.

He continued by saying: “If it is not possible to get an increase in Anbar, because all the candidates and representatives are from the Sunni component and in all sessions and there is no increase in the MPs of the Sunni component in Anbar, but the increase will be in the provinces in Baghdad, with no less than five MPs, and the Sunni component will reap an increase of at least one MP in each of Nineveh, Diyala, Salah al-Din and Basra, and if there was an agreement between the two great lists in the component, i.e. the lists of al-Halbousi and al-Khanjar, the number of MPs that the Sunni component would get would be more than what we mentioned above. In all cases, the increase in the Sunni component means a loss for the other components that were occupying these seats in Parliament.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency