A Legal expert: These are the tracks of the Sadrist movement’s withdrawal decision and its constitutional impact

Baghdad A legal expert clarified the legal paths related to the decision to withdraw the Sadrist movement from negotiating the formation of the next government and its constitutional impact.

Legal expert Ali Al-Tamimi said, in a press statement, “if the withdrawal does not affect the quorum of the session / 220 MPs, it will be held and the President will be elected, as the number of parliament members 329 is subtracted from 74MPs, leaving 255 MPs.”

He added, “If the quorum is not completed, the session will be postponed and the current President of the Republic will continue his work as a caretaker in accordance with Articles 72 Second of the Constitution, and this is a violation of the constitutional terms.”

He continued, “In the event of continued absence, the replacement law shall be applied to the absentees in accordance with Articles 18 and beyond of the internal system of the House of Representatives,” noting that “the non-attendance, if it continues, is considered a perjury of the constitutional oath and Article 235 of the Iraqi Penal Code is applied to it.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency