A man drives his car into a crowd of pro-Palestine protesters at an American university

Baghdad, American police said that a man drove his car toward a crowd of pro-Palestine demonstrators at Portland State University and sprayed ‘a chemical substance such as pepper spray before fleeing.’

A video of the incident was circulated on news networks, and video footage captured demonstrators near the car. One of them hit the rear window and broke it. Then the driver sped toward a crowd of protesters, but the vehicle did not collide with anyone, and the driver fled after that, according to the police.

University Police later located the driver of the vehicle and indicated that he was transported to a local hospital under police mental health care.

The student movement continues in American universities, despite the dispersal of sit-ins several times at universities in New York and California, while sit-ins continue in a number of American universities in rejection of the war on Gaza.

At least 30 American universities witnessed pro-Palestinian protests, and the American Fox News channel indicated tha
t the total number of detainees in the past two weeks is close to 2,000.

The reaction of the American authorities was harsh with the students participating in the protests, as the American police used tear gas and fired rubber bullets to disperse the sit-ins.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency