A Member Of PUK: Kurdish Fears Of Stealing The Votes Of Voters In Saadiya, Jalawla, Qara Tabah and Jbara

Baquba A member of Khanaqin organizations for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Ibrahim Hassan, confirmed that the Kurdish parties will contest the parliamentary elections with a charter of honor, far from any material or national influences.

He told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) today that the masses of the Kurdish parties in Diyala are solid. And will contested with fair competition away from any material temptations or national motives despite the imposed political conditions and the attempts of what he described as undermining the entitlements of the Kurdish political parties in Diyala.

He pointed out that there are Kurdish “fears” of theft and “confiscation” of voters’ votes or “preventing them” from voting in the areas of “Saadiya, Jalawla, Qara Tabah and Jbara” due to the “deliberate” failure to open the partisan and political headquarters of the Kurdish parties in those areas despite obtaining official approvals from the federal government and the governor of Diyala.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency