A military leader in the Movement for Change nominates himself for the Presidency of the Region rival to Barzani

Sulaymaniyah / A senior military leader in the Movement for Change announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region.

A close journalist to Mam Rustom, a military leader and one of the founders of the Movement for Change Syrovan Baban said in press statements about the nomination of Mam Rustom for the presidency of the Kurdistan region during the next presidential elections early November, pointing out that Mam Rustom will be a strong competitor to Massoud Barzani.

Baban said that the name of Mam Rustom will be registered with the High Electoral Commission in the coming days, he also enjoys wide popularity in the Kurdistan region, especially in the military circles, and he was a military commander in the PUK before leaving the party with Nusheirwan Mustafa to establish the Change Movement in 2009. /End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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