A Military Operation To Hunt Down Daesh Cells in Al Nada Basin East Of Baquba

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Baquba, Diyala, Iraq – The Tigris operations command launched a large-scale military operation to hunt down the cells of Daesh in Al-Nada Basin east of Baquba.

“A joint security force, backed by the army aviation and the popular mobilization forces, began a large-scale military operation in two areas to track Daesh cells in Al-Nada area, which is located between Baladrouz and Mandali, east of Baquba,” the head of Tigris operations, Mezher al-Azzawi, told the NINA correspondent. “

He added that the operation was launched within the strategy of the operations of Tigris operations to end the presence of remnants of terrorist groups in the whole of Diyala.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency