A military Source: Daesh Deploy Dozens Of / Caliphate Cubs / In The Right Side of Mosul

Mosul / The terrorist organization Daesh deployed dozens of the so-called caliphate cubs on the right coast of the city of Mosul against the backdrop of the losing most of its fighters in the battlefields of Mosul, according to a military source.

The source told the National Iraqi News Agency / "Daesh ordered to deploy the so-called caliphate cubs in the streets of the right coast of the city of Mosul after the withdrawal of all its militants to the left coast since the start of liberation process in the eastern and northern axis of Mosul.

He added that the organization Daesh suffers from a lack of adult and competent fighters after killing most of them during the liberation battles in Mosul.

The source said that Iraqi forces killed 10 members of Daesh in clashes in the southeastern sector of Mosul, noting that the Iraqi forces are progressing broadly in Wahda and Mazara areas south east of Mosul.

Source: National Iraqi news Agency