A military Source: The Industrial Area Liberated, 20 Terrorists Killed, Including 4 Explosives Experts, East of Mosul

Mosul / A military source in the anti-terrorist announced the liberation of the industrial region in Mosul from the grip of Daesh organization, which was one of the dangerous areas because it contains workshops for the manufacture of explosives and car bombs.

Col. Falah Meshaal, one of the field commanders told the National Iraqi News Agency / "The Iraqi army forces managed to free industrial zone, killing 20 terrorists, among them (four) Explosives experts and bombing (seven) car bombs Daesh intended to use them against the security forces.

Meshaal added that "the Iraqi forces are now combing and clearing the industrial area, where three of the biggest workshops found inside, were used to manufacturing IEDs." noting that" the industrial zone devoid now from the militants and the nests of terror Daesh " ./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency