A New Batch Of Doctors From Basra Sent To The Battlefields

Basra / A new batch of doctors and medical staffs left Basra province to provide support and treat the Iraqi forces and the popular mobilization forces in the battlefields.

The medical coordinator of the popular mobilization at the Basra Health Department Dr. Falah mutshar said in a press statement today, "a new medical team set out yesterday evening on its way to Qayyarah to join Ali al-Abboudi and Salam al-Derawi hospitals."

He added, "The medical team consists of doctors of general surgery, anesthesia and nursing staffs to provide support and medical services to the wounded of security forces and popular mobilization.

He noted that Basra health department has sent 30 medical teams to the battlefields during the last period as the health department of Basra seeks with its full potential to provide full support to our fighters who offer sacrifices to liberate areas occupied by Daesh./ End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency