A New Government Meeting To Prepare The General Budget Strategy 2022-2024

Baghdad The Ministry of Finance discussed the requirements for the items to be included in the 2022 budget, and their costs were estimated in light of the applicable laws and legislation.

Finance Minister Ali Allawi stressed, during the twenty-first session of the Committee for the Preparation of the Federal General Budget Strategy for the Republic of Iraq, for the medium term (2022-2024), the need to stabilize spending ceilings at safe levels to ensure an optimal implementation of the budget’s paragraphs and items, smoothly and with high accuracy, in addition to mobilizing financial resources and directing them towards achieving comprehensive economic development.

The meeting witnessed the completion of the research and follow-up of the proposed federal budget model for the next year, and the study of mechanisms for its application in accordance with the requirements of the current economic reality, and in line with the adoptions of the financial reform process related to aspects of spending and public financial management, as well as a discussion of the file for determining and programming spending ceilings by the Ministry of Finance and discussing its extent.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency