A number Of Terrorists Killed By a US Aerial Landing East Of Raqqa, Of Syria

BAGHDAD � Media sources reported that American helicopters carried out an aerial landing on Daesh organization site in Shaninah village, east of the city of Raqqa, which is controlled by the organization."

The sources said that "eight terrorists of Daesh, including field commanders, were killed and others were injured by a clash that took place in the site, and two cars were destroyed.

According to these sources, the terrorist organization sent military reinforcements to the place before the operation ended with the withdrawal of helicopters.

The sources said that "six US helicopters carried out a landing operation yesterday morning and clashed with Daesh militants about an hour before withdrawing to areas under the control of the Syrian Democratic forces.

For its part, Amaq news agency of Daesh said that the two communications centers in the city of Raqqa stopped working because of US raids targeted them directly.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency