A parliamentary call to control prices and preserve the national product

Baghdad The Parliamentary Agriculture, Water and Marsh Affairs Committee called on the competent authorities to control prices in local markets, which are witnessing an unprecedented rise in foodstuffs and medicine, especially after raising the exchange rate of the dollar.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Mansour Al-Baiji, pointed to the need for real monitoring of the competent authorities to control the markets and to hold accountable anyone who raises prices more than the established or customary price in the markets, noting that the price is doubled.

Al-Baiji stressed the need to preserve the local product and provide full support to the farmer in order to supply the local markets with our product and preserve it as it is the lowest price and more quality as we see today from the presence of vegetables in the markets at symbolic prices, and therefore this matter should be applied to other foodstuffs with the support of the state, calling the competent authorities to monitor the markets and prevent the large rise in food prices and work to prevent this rise, which harmed all the people.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency