Baquba A proffisor at Diyala University obtained two patents in the Fifth Patents and Industrial Models Exhibition of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

The Director of Media at Diyala University, Ahmed Abdul-Sattar, told the correspondent of the Iraqi National News Agency / NINA: “The proffisor, Muhammad Hamid Abdullah, from the College of Science obtained two patents in the exhibition of patents and industrial models organized by the Industrial Research and Development Authority in cooperation with the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, eith the participation of / 214 / patents and / 60 / industrial models in various specializations.

He added that the proffisor received a gold medal in the renewable energies axis for a patent for “nano-structural materials for electrodes in sodium-ion batteries that are obtained through the process of molecular construction”. In addition to obtaining a silver medal in the environmental pollution axis for a patent for nanostructures based on titanium dioxide that are applied in the process of removing environmental pollution.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency