A Security Operation Launched Within The Leaderships Of Salah Al-Din, Samarra And Diyala

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the launch of a security operation within the leaderships of Salah al-Din, Samarra and Diyala.

The cell stated in a statement, that: “Under the supervision of the Joint Operations Command, units of the Iraqi army, the police, and the Popular Mobilization, with air support from the army and international coalition aviation, began to carry out a clearing and search operation of the borders separating the operations sectors (Salah al-Din, Samarra and Diyala) within the Hawi area.”

It explained: “The operation aims to pursue the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs, destroy their hideouts, search for those wanted by the judiciary, and cleanse these lands of the remnants of terrorist gangs.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency