A Senior Egyptian Delegation Visits Mosul To Prepare Entry Of Egyptian Companies In The Reconstruction


“An Egyptian delegation will visit the city of Mosul to see the situation of the city and its people,” Nafi’e Aussi, the minister of reconstruction, housing, municipalities and public works, said in a statement, added “This visit is the largest visit to the city of Mosul.”

A statement issued by the ministry quoted the minister during her meeting with Egyptian delegation headed by the Assistant President of the Republic for national and strategic projects, Ibrahim Mahleb her stress on the importance of joint cooperation between the two countries, especially in infrastructure, services and strategic projects and activating the role of investment to promote the service and urban reality.

She expressed readiness to provide all necessary facilities to the Egyptian companies to work in Iraq. “

On the reconstruction efforts in Iraq, especially in the areas liberated, she said, “the visit of the Egyptian delegation to the city of Mosul to see the situation of the city and its people is the largest delegation to the city of Mosul.”

The Egyptian delegation expressed thanks and gratitude for providing the necessary facilities for cooperation between the two sides.

The meeting was attended by Advisor of the Egyptian Presidency of Urban Planning, Deputy Minister of Housing for Urban Development, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Arab Affairs, a group of representatives of Egyptian companies, and the undersecretary Estebrak Ibrahim Al-Shawk and the Egyptian and Iraqi Ambassadors in both countries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency