A suspect accused of murder, rape, kidnapping and robbery arrested in Dhi Qar

Baghdad Dhi Qar police arrested a suspect accused of murder, rape, kidnapping and theft.

A statement by the Dhi Qar Police Command stated that the accused confessed to committing an armed robbery in the capital Baghdad in 2014, raping two sisters at gunpoint and stealing $ 10,000 from a family, in partnership with other accused.”

The statement added, “The accused also confessed to committing two crimes of rape in Dhi Qar and killing two people in Baghdad in Al-Wahda district in 2014 in front of their home and kidnapping a person in Baghdad in 2010 in partnership with other accused. He also confessed to committing 3 robbery crimes in the capital, Baghdad, in the areas of Dora and Bab Al-Sheikh, in conjunction with his brothers and other accused.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency