A UNESCO Delegation Discusses The Restoration And Rehabilitation Of The Heritage Houses In Basra

Basra / NINA / -The Palace of Culture in Basra hosted the first meeting of the joint technical committee for the project of restoring and rehabilitating a group of Basra heritage houses in Al-Shanashil Street in Nadhran area.

Director of the Culture Department of UNESCO Iraq Branch, Junaid Soroush confirmed, “The works in the process of reconstructing the heritage houses that were identified with a section of Al-Ashar River passing through the Old Basra area, have been started, and wide job opportunities will be provided and manpower will be employed in this project.” He pointed out that “a number of young people were enrolled in specialized courses at the vocational training center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Basra and the other center in Khor Al-Zubair to qualify them in a number of specialties, including carpentry, electricity and construction, to be qualified for this purposeful work and to develop their skills.

He added, “There are clear achievements that have been made in planning and evaluating three projects to begin work in the next few days to rehabilitate, which are, the Palace of Culture in Basra, the Union of Writers and the Society of Fine Artists. ”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency