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A Vehicle, Carrying Heavy Weapons And Ammunition, Seized Roaming At The Outskirts Of Baghdad

Baghdad A Baghdad Police force, in cooperation with the 42nd Brigade in the army, seized a vehicle with its driver containing anti-aircraft machine gun with a number of weapons and ammunition.

A statement by the police command stated, “After accurate information was received by the Diyala Bridge Police Station, which is affiliated with Al-Madaen Police Department in the Baghdad Police Command, about a suspected pick-up vehicle roaming within the district of responsibility and upon receiving the information, Baghdad Police Commander, Major General Majid Faleh, directed to form a field work team headed by Director of Al-Madaen Police Department, in conjunction with the units of the 42nd Brigade in the army.

It added, “The patrols were deployed and the vehicle was controlled by the joint detachments of Baghdad Police and the Army Brigade and inside it / anti-aircraft machine gun with an RBK rifle with 4 Kalashnikovs and with a 14.5 ammunition container with a platform (base) and 10 empty gear containers. The accused was escorted with all seized martials to the police station to take the necessary legal measures in accordance with the law.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency