A woman accused of human trafficking was arrested in Zubair, west of Basra

Basra Basra police arrested a woman accused of human trafficking and seized narcotics in Zubair district, west of the governorate.

The Basra Governorate Police Directorate stated in a statement, “after receiving information about the presence of a woman selling children in Al-Zubair district, a working team was immediately formed from the Basra Anti-Crime Department. After investigation and information gathering, her whereabouts were reached and she was investigated inside the home and arrested, accompanied by 4 children aged between one to two months, and two other children, the first is 4 years old and the other is two years old, and there are no fundamental documents for the children.
It added, “it was also seized in her possession narcotic substances, estimated at fines, along with tools of abuse, and legal measures were taken against her arresting her in accordance with Article 6 of trafficking.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency