Abadi, Barzani Confirm The Importance Of Unity And Victories Against Daesh

Baghdad, Iraq - Vice President, Iyad Allawi and head of the National Alliance Ammar al-Hakim called to adopt dialogue and calmness in solving problems and crises in the region and warned of the repercussions of its continuation on the Iraqi situation.

A statement by the press Office of the Vice President said, "Allawi received Ammar al-Hakim, head of the National Alliance and his accompanying delegation, where they discussed developments in the internal and regional situations. The two sides reviewed the course of the battle against Daesh, and the perceptions after the expulsion of the terrorist organization, and the relationship between the central government and the Kurdistan region, national unity and resolving outstanding issues through dialogue and understanding."

The attendees called on Iyad Allawi to intervene between the governments of the center and the region to calm the situation between the two sides and stop increasing tensions.

The two sides touched on the crisis of Qatari-Gulf States and Arab-Qatari relations, where they referred to the dangers of increasing tensions that threat the stability and safety of the region as they expressed their condemnation of all forms of terrorism in their talk about the recent bombings in Tehran.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency