Abadi: The Anti-Terrorism Presented A great Lesson In Cooperation Between The Security Services And Citizens


The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Haider Abadi said the anti-terrorism agency has provided a great lesson in cooperation between the security services and citizens.

“The role of the anti-terrorist agency was essential in achieving victory over Daesh,” Abadi said during his speech at the Grand Victory ceremony organized by the anti-terrorism agency, according to a statement by his media office.

“The whole world did not expect us to win this time. We salute the souls of the martyrs, salute the wounded and salute their families, by their sacrifices we have won victories,” he pointed to the important to preserve this victory and achieve maximum discipline.”

He stressed that “it is not possible to live with corruption, especially in the security services and we should not allow it.”

He called on “commanders and officers not to allow corruption to enter security organs.”

Source:National Iraqi News Agency