Abadi to the leaders of the popular crowd: our forces on the border to protect the country and we do not want to enter the second side

BAGHDAD / Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi said that our forces on the border are to secure the borders of our country and not cross them, and we do not want to enter the second side.

In his meeting with the leaders of the popular crowd, Abadi said that the victories achieved in these blessed days, which coincide with the anniversary of the launch of Sayyid al-Sistani the effective jihad to defend the country and the citizens, which contributed greatly to the victory, stressing that we closed the borders across which Daesh entered these areas which were not under the control of the previous governments. "

Abadi stressed the importance of keeping the atmosphere of unity and keeping away from differences to stabilize the country's reconstruction.

" He said that we are now in the final stages of liberating the territories and we must be careful and continue with the same determination and unity to eliminate Daesh, noting that "a large part of the successes were achieved because we deprived the enemy of the incubators.

He stressed the importance to interest in the families of the martyrs and the wounded whose blood has been achieved victories, pointing out that Tal Afar and Hawija will be released soon.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency