Abdul Bari Zebari: Iraq Will Soon Get Rid Of Daesh

BAGHDAD / The head of the parliamentary committee on foreign relations, Abdul Bari Zebari said "Iraq will soon get rid of the terrorist Daesh by the sacrifices of its sons of all sects."

He said in a speech during his attendance to the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Affairs Conference of Asian Parliaments held in Cambodia that "all EU countries and the United Nations support Iraq in its war against terrorism and we expect our friends in Asia to provide support now."

Zebari added that "Asian countries should accelerate providing support and if they delay, time will not be available because will liberate our lands soon and then we would not need their support.

Iraq insisted to discuss the proposed law / Asia Together Against Terrorism / by mentioning Daesh name in its text, supported by Lebanon, while Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Pakistan declined to mention Daesh or name all the terrorist organizations, or to keep mentioning terrorism only / and set an example what is happening in Yemen /.

For its part, Bahrain called to include Hezbollah among the terrorist list, while Lebanon confirmed that Hezbollah freed Lebanon from the Israeli occupation and now fighting Daesh on the Lebanese border. Moreover, Iran considered it an integral part of the Lebanese government.

Because of the big differences the proposed law (together against terrorism was) was postponed to the next meeting in the Pakistani capital Islamabad.

Russia rejected to include Israel into the list of terror.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency