Aboul Gheit Accuses The Turkish Government Of Interfering In Iraq And Syria And Supporting Terrorism

BAGHDAD / Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit accused Turkey of interfering in Iraq and Syria and supporting terrorism.

Fars News Agency quoted Aboul Gheit as saying in an interview with Egyptian media that "Turkey allowed the passage of thousands of Western young people through its territory into Iraq, and also allowed the existence of the organization / Daesh / in Syria to overthrow the regime, but they turned against them."

He added, "Turkey did not notice that terrorism will return again by young men and women who have gone to Syria and Iraq."

Aboul Gheit outlined that "Daesh is on its way to decline as a military force on the ground," adding that "Daesh philosophy and groups scattered in cities as small cells and possible to remain with us for many years, but I think it will end soon."

He stressed that "at the beginning Daesh got arms from two divisions in Mosul, after they disappeared in 2014, pointing out that they have received money through the sale of oil that had controlled to dealers in Turkey."

He said the "so-called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a real personality like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, live in underground tunnels," adding that "the Islamic Caliphate is not a solution to the problems faced by the region."

Abul Gheit said during a meeting in Cairo, with the president of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, secretary general of the Federation of Arab Journalists Moaid al--Lami in 15 of the current month that "the Arab League repeated its demand to the Turkish government to withdraw its forces from Iraqi territory and to respect good neighborliness between the two countries" .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency