Abu Mahdi Mohandes Promise To Clear Tal Afar From Daesh And Return Its Inhabitants

BAGHDAD / Deputy Chief of the popular mobilization, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes stressed that "all the people of the city of Tal Afar will soon return to the city after the elimination of the militants of Daesh fully.

He, according to the website of the popular mobilization, said "We assure the people of Tal Afar and all those who have been displaced at the hands of Daesh from various nationals, religions and sects, we are determined to return them to their areas, God willing, as soon as possible and we will finish Daesh from the land of Tal Afar and other areas."

He added that "the cooperation between the popular mobilization and the rest of the Iraqi forces is essential and important and continued," adding "we are with our army and the army is with us since the beginning of operations, adding that "we and the Federal Police and the golden division are side by side and in these military operations the army with us and we get help from the Army Aviation also, which has an active and important role in this battle, ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency