Adviser to the PM: The number of applicants for the Dari initiative has reached about nine million citizens

Baghdad Adviser to the Prime Minister, Sabah Abdul Latif, announced that the number of applicants for the Dari initiative, which was launched to solve the housing crisis in the country, reached about nine million citizens, noting that “two and a half million people have fully completed the registration requirements.”

He said in a statement to the official News Agency, “The country needs 3 million housing units to solve the crisis,” noting that “the initiative will cover 550,000 plots of land only as an attempt to ease the crisis.”

He stressed that “the initiative’s portal will be open to citizens for three weeks, explaining that” the initiative adopts the principle of points in granting land, as these points are calculated according to the information provided by the applicant, whether she is a widow, a martyr’s family, or those covered by social welfare and some groups, including media professionals and athletes, provided that he must not have previously acquired housing or a plot of land.

Regarding granting loans to lands that will be granted through the Dari initiative, Abdul Latif commented, “the Central Bank has raised the ceiling of loans granted for housing by two trillion dinars,” noting that “the use of loans will focus on two government outlets, namely, the Housing Fund, which the Prime Minister directed during his visit to it to increase and grant loans without any interest, the second outlet is the real estate bank.

Abdul Latif added, “the financial ceiling of the real estate bank in granting loans will reach 150 million, while the financial ceiling of the housing fund will be 75 million, and its interests will be zero for a period of 20 years.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency