Advisor Of Saudi Oil Authority: Signing Of MoU Between 18 Saudi Companies Specializing In Oil And Gas To Serve 7 Iraqi Oil Companies

Basra, The adviser of the oil authority for Saudi oil exports, Omar Hassan al-Rajeh said, "The signs were clear from the first visit of the Saudi Energy Minister six months ago to Iraq and then the visit of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to Saudi Arabia twice and the statements of the Saudi officials were very clear that we must embrace Iraq because it is brother and neighbor closest to us from any other country.

Al-Rajeh said during his presence at Basra International Fair that "what happened should never happen again, thanks be to Allah. Now the directives are clear that we support Iraq with what we can." He said that "we worked on this issue and participated in the Baghdad International Fair. We are participating in Basra Oil & Gas Exhibition where we have brought the largest Saudi companies specialized in this field.

"We have been able to sign memorandums of understanding between 18 Saudi companies specialized in the field of oil and gas to serve seven Iraqi oil companies and we still believe that this is the beginning and the coming days would be rich with many Saudi initiatives and we will hear about them soon.

The head of the oil and gas committee in the province of Basra Ali Shaddad al-Fares said, "110 companies participated in the Fair, including foreign, Arab and Iraqi companies, but today the Arab participation is greater than the previous exhibitions," noting that Saudi Arabia participated in 22 companies interested in the oil and gas industry. "As a federal and local government, there are important trends in expanding the oil and gas industry, rather than relying solely on oil production and gas investment, and we have to move and take a new phase of work, which is to develop and invest the oil and gas industry."

He added, "The companies participating in the exhibition have been interested in this aspect and part of these companies have visited the company refineries and petrochemicals and fertilizer plant in the province of Basra and this is the best evidence that there is interest in the oil and gas industry," pointing out that Iraq in general and South in particular depends on the import of materials "We must invest this part and the paragraph instead of actually exporting some of these amounts should be invested in Iraq."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency