Baghdad Advisor to the President of the Republic, Abdullah Al-Zaidi, announced that the Law of Recovering Stolen Funds and its Proceeds monitors assets that exceed 500 thousand dollars.

Al-Zaidi said in a televised statement, the law to recover the stolen money and its proceeds pursues the files even after death.

He continued that the law obliges all officials to authorize that removes the secrecy of their bank accounts, indicating that the authorization will allow monitoring of accounts internally and externally, indicating that the money recovery law is not limited to a specific time.”

The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, presented a bill to “recover the proceeds of corruption” and hold the corrupt accountable and bring them to justice.

A presidential statement said on Sunday that the Iraqi National News Agency (NINA) received a copy of it: “The draft law on” recovering the proceeds of corruption “submitted by the Speaker of the House of Representatives guarantees that all Iraqi state officials who have assumed the highest positions most vulnerable to corruption are subject to the procedures of this law, since 2004 until now, from the rank of director general and above, and the competent financial authorities are preparing a documented list of the occupants of these positions during the past 17 years.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency