After Lifting Sanctions.. Minister Of Transport Announces Raising Iraqi Flag On Iraqi Marine Tankers

Basra Minister of Transport Nasser Hussein Bandar Al-Shibli announced today, Sunday, the raising of the Iraqi flag on Al-Qurna and Al-Asma’i carriers.

The Minister of Transport said in a press conference held at the port of Umm Qasr: “After strenuous efforts of discussions and negotiations to achieve ways to comply with the International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS code), the sanctions imposed on Iraqi shipping carriers during the rule of the former regime were lifted, and after the approval of international maritime organizations to lift the sanctions, the Iraqi flag raised on the Iraqi carriers.

The minister added: “Al-Asma’i and Al-Qurna carriers, owned by the General Company for Maritime Transport, were transferred from the Jordanian registration port to the registration port in Basra, and the Iraqi flag was raised on them after the completion of docking, maintenance, and the tanker’s validity for commercial work, documented by international certificates and binding for commercial work, and according to the requirements of the flag state (Iraq).”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency