Agriculture Minister Chairs An Emergency Meeting Of The Opinion Committee In The Ministry

Baghdad Agriculture Minister Muhammad Al-Khafaji presides over an emergency meeting of the Ministry’s Opinion Committee.

He stressed, according to a ministry statement, that: The agricultural sector is the second economic resource for the country after oil.

He stressed to mobilize all efforts and energies to promote agricultural work, complete all work assigned to the departments in the shortest time and mobilize capabilities, to preserve the successes achieved in the agricultural sector and its plant and animal parts, and to strengthen all the work that the ministry was able to provide, including achieving self-sufficiency in various agricultural crops.

Al-Khafaji stressed that: The ministry has achieved a qualitative leap in the level of agricultural work, especially protecting the local product and providing it in the markets, despite the Coronavirus pandemic and the financial crisis.

He urged the continuation of serious work to upgrade the level of the agricultural sector, in line with the position achieved today, as agriculture has returned to its economic position as the country’s second economic resource after oil.

Al-Khafaji directed to provide the necessary financial allocations for the free national campaign to combat diseases affecting livestock, which is carried out by the Veterinary Department, one of the formations of the Ministry of Agriculture.

He stressed the importance of developing work to combat desertification by rehabilitating various stations, spreading plants resistant to environmental conditions, paying attention to protected areas and providing the necessary support to enable these projects to continue their work.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency