Al-Abadi congratulates the Iraqi army in the ninety-sixth anniversary of its founding and confirms that our battle with terrorism is in the last half

Baghdad/ Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi congratulated the valiant Iraqi army on the occasion of the Ninety-sixth anniversary of its founding, stressing that the battle with terrorism is in the last half.

He said in a congratulatory telegram: "We celebrate this glorious day the army of victories and liberation, .. celebrate fighters owners of jealousy and magnanimity, where the army stands today with the people in the first defense line of Iraq and the dignity of its people and national sovereignty and his officers are racing with soldiers in the fight against terrorism.

He added that the Iraqi army has today high combat experience gained from the war against terrorism waged in complex circumstances which is the army of all Iraqis as the sons of the provinces that were occupied by Daesh terrorist gangs and the sons of Mosul today resort to the Iraqi Army zones for high feeling reassurance and trust in the army troops.

He continued: "We have made great efforts to bring the military establishment on professional basis, and today all provinces welcome it, and achieves victories and clears the towns and villages inch by inch.

He stressed that the fight against terrorism is in the last half and our forces today cleared two-thirds of Nineveh province, and now they are inside Mosul and cut off the head of the snake and clear all of Mosul soon with God's help .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency