Al-Abadi: If we had not fought corruption, we would not have achieved victory on Daesh/ expanded

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi stressed that without our fight against corruption, we would not have won against Daesh, adding that there is a relationship between the corrupt and terrorism."

Al-Abadi said in his speech at the opening of the sixth Ministerial Conference of the Arab Network for the Promotion of Integrity and the Fight against Corruption: "We will not hesitate to open any file of corruption, whether the accused is this person or that, and the corrupt know very well the seriousness of the work we do and the seriousness of them."

"We need a revolution to protect public money and achieve social justice. Corruption can not be combated by conventional means," he said, calling for "a radical view of fighting corruption."

"It is unfair to underestimate the steps we have taken to reduce the scale of corruption," he said. "There are thousands of investigation files opened in large cases and many of the defendants have been sent for investigation and integrity.

The Prime Minister stressed "the need for cooperation of citizens and that each citizen bears responsibility for detecting and reporting corruption and assisting investigative committees and to strengthen the confidence of citizens in the control and investigative bodies."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency