Al-Abadi: The Region Is On The Verge Of Major Collapses, And Correcting Relations With The Public Is The Only Way To Overcome Crisis

Baghdad Head of al-Nasr (Victory) Alliance Haider Al-Abadi confirmed: “The region is on the verge of major collapses, and correcting relations with the public is the only way to overcome the crisis.”

Al-Abadi said in Al-Rafidain Forum 2021: “I was the first to call for early elections, and the public recently imposed its will,” noting: “The clash with the protesting masses in October is a dangerous matter that resulted in hundreds of martyrs.”

He added, “I do not claim that dealing with the demonstrators in my era was completely correct, but the general trend of the state is to protect them, and we must listen to the other opinion in order to correct the course.”

Al-Abadi continued: “We were offered to bring foreign forces on the ground to fight ISIS, and we refused that. And the common interests on the basis of supporting sovereignty is the best solution to maintain Iraq’s security without relying on others.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency