Al-Abadi to NINA: There are no new alliances yet, and we are waiting until after the elections Expanded

Baghdad Former Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed that Al-Nasr Alliance he leads has not yet entered into new alliances, and we are waiting until after the elections scheduled for the tenth of next October.

Al-Abadi said, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that “the votes of the voters are the ones who decide the course of the next stage, in which we hope that the direction will be correct in order to move forward on the achievements that were previously achieved, and to overcome the negatives that delayed our path.”

He added, “The elections will take place on their scheduled date, the tenth of next October,” calling for the active participation of all, even those who object to holding them in October, in order to change the balance of power in Iraq, noting that “the features of new alliances have not been clear yet, and therefore we will wait for new alliances post-election.

On the security files and the return of ISIS terrorist gangs, Al-Abadi explained that “the presence of ISIS on the ground has ended, but the terrorist ideology still exists, and there is a real danger and other groups may arise other than ISIS.”

Al-Abadi said, “I warned in advance that the region is on the verge of serious challenges, the first of which is instability,” noting the need to rely on internal forces and efforts, and there is no objection to seeking help from the efforts of others because most of the arms and support come from abroad.

The former Prime Minister stressed, “Reliance on internal efforts is the basis for defending the security and stability of the country and reducing the gap between citizens and the government.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency