Baghdad The National Security Adviser, Qassem Al-Araji, met in his office today, Monday, the new Commander of the NATO mission in Iraq, Lieutenant-General Michael Lawlessgard.

A statement by Al-Araji’s media office said, “the National Security Adviser discussed with the new Commander of the NATO mission in Iraq the mission and its training missions in Iraq, which are related to developing training capabilities for Iraqi forces and providing advice.

The statement added, “the new NATO mission Commander provided a summary of the mission’s work and its specific tasks, stressing that there is no combat force inside Iraq, but rather the mission’s work is limited to training and advisory tasks, within the framework of cooperation between Iraq and NATO to support the capabilities of the Iraqi forces in counseling and training.”

For his part, Al-Araji stressed that the Iraqi forces have made great strides in the field of combat experience, noting that cooperation with NATO falls within the framework of the need to develop the training aspect, which is an important factor in strengthening the capabilities of our security forces and keeping pace with developments in this field.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency