Baghdad The National Security Adviser, Qassem Al-Araji, met today, Thursday, the Deputy Commander of the NATO Mission in Iraq, Lieutenant-General Donald Beves.

A statement by the chancellery stated that during the meeting, an evaluation of the previous phase of the work of the NATO mission in Iraq, and the efforts of the Ministries of Defense and Interior within the framework of benefiting from international experiences, was evaluated.

Al-Araji stressed that Iraq is keen to benefit from global expertise to develop the capabilities of its security forces, including the army, police and other security agencies, to improve the performance of the military and security establishment and carry out its tasks with high professionalism.

Al-Araji also indicated that cooperation with the NATO mission in Iraq began since 2004, and our security forces of all kinds have gained great experience, to develop their work in the field of combating terrorism and extremism.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency