Al-Asadi Announced Full Security Alert In Preparation For Securing The Arbaeen Visit And The Upcoming Elections

Baghdad Head of the National Security Agency, Abdul-Ghani Al-Asadi, announced the full security alert in preparation for securing the Arbaeen visit and the upcoming elections, stressing work day and night for the success of the security plan.

Al-Asadi indicated, during the security conference of the Baghdad Security Department and Directorates, that the Agency stands with all its officers and affiliates at the same and neutral distance from all political forces and entities and prevents interference in the electoral matter.

He stressed the importance of monitoring and following up all suspicious movements that the enemy may exploit to destabilize security and stability, and dealing with proactive information with all security services, noting that “preventing security breaches is linked to tight control over the capital, Baghdad, as it is the route of visitors towards the holy Karbala,” stressing the continuation of pursuing the remnants of ISIS gangs


Source: National Iraqi News Agency