Al-Asadi: Kirkuk Will Remain Safe And Stable Despite The Attempts Of The Enemies

Kirkuk The head of the National Security Agency, Abdul-Ghani Al-Asadi, confirmed: “Kirkuk will remain safe and stable, despite the enemies’ attempts.”

Al-Asadi said in a joint press conference with the governor of Kirkuk, Rakan al-Jubouri: “Our visit to Kirkuk came to check on the work of our security services and to prepare for the Arbaeen visit of Imam Hussein, as well as the election file and its security to ensure wide participation.”

The head of the National Security Agency reassured the people of the stability, security and safety of Kirkuk, stressing that: “It will remain like a rock against which all conspiracies will be broken.”

For his part, the Governor of Kirkuk, Chairman of the Supreme Security Committee, Rakan Al-Jubouri, thanked the Prime Minister and the Ministerial Council for National Security for their response and support and assistance to Kirkuk Governorate.

Al-Jubouri said: “The heroes in the Anti-Terrorism Service managed a few days ago to kill a number of terrorists near Altun Kobri. Today, the heroes in the leadership of the advanced headquarters and the Fifth Division of the Federal Police managed to repel an exposure to ISIS south of Daquq, pursue the terrorists and respond to them in a major operation, during which a number of them were killed.”

He added: “We assure the citizens of Kirkuk that our security forces will remain the title of honor and protection for all citizens in light of coexistence, stability and peace.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency