Syrian President Bashar al-Assad emphasized that his country’s position has been consistent since the emergence of the Palestinian cause in 1948, stressing that it has not wavered for a moment despite the circumstances that Syria has gone through, stressing that it will provide everything within its capabilities to the Palestinians or any resistance against “Israel” without any hesitation.

Damascus’ position on resistance, “as a concept or in practice, will not change, but rather become more firmly entrenched,” noting that “events have proven that those who do not make their own decision have no hope for the future. Those who do not possess power have no value in this world; those who do not resist in defense of the homeland do not deserve a homeland in the first place,” the Syrian President stressed.

In a speech during an expanded meeting of the Central Committee of the Arab Socialist Baath Party that was held Monday at the Conference Palace in Damascus, al-Assad emphasized that Syria “will not compromise
today because the essence of the issue has not changed, and the enemy itself has not changed.”

The only change that has taken place is the physical form of the events and Israeli brutality, he said, stressing that massacreswere not new for the Israeli occupation whether they have increased or decreased in frequency.

“Western countries blindly siding with Zionism is a tale as old as time,” al-Assad said. Nothing will change Damascus’ position or budge by an inch “as long as the situation does not change and the rights of the Palestinian and Syrian people are not restored.”

He also emphasized that submission gives a false sense of security, perhaps power, and sometimes allows for the extension of the existence of certain parties, explaining that this would remain the case until the party is no longer useful, “after which people, states, and homelands are dispensed with.”

“When homelands are dispensed with, it means their destruction and demise,” he added.


In an in
terview with Russian broadcaster Channel One in late April, al-Assad said that the West no longer has statesmen worthy of dialogue, and that the current leaders in charge are running governments in the likes of running businesses.

“Modern politicians do not think strategically. They solve problems in front of them and they no longer keep their word. Any agreement can be broken the next day … I can say that there is not a single politician in the West whom I would want to talk to,” Al-Assad said.

Since the times of UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher or US President Ronald Reagan, the West has not produced a single “statesman” worthy of consideration, he said.

Due to the influence of capitalism, “countries have turned into corporations and leaders into corporate managers,” President Al-Assad added.

Assad leveled accusations specifically at the United States, that it profits from other countries and transforms every conflict into a “dangerous chronic disease.”

“America makes money off any conflict and then
steps aside and watches the chaos unfold and waits to deal the final blow,” he mentioned

Since 2011, Syria has been ravaged by a global war of attrition which was spearheaded by Western countries, including the US. The country is currently divided between pro-government and anti-government factions.

The US currently has troops stationed in the anti-government-controlled parts of Syria, which are also rich in oil resources. According to UN figures, more than half of the country grapples with food insecurity, while millions continue to be displaced due to the ongoing turmoil.

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon