Al-Baiji: The PMF Is The Backbone Of Army And Other Security Forces, And Talking About Its Dissolving Is A Figment Of The Imagination

Baghdad The independent MP, Mansour Al-Baiji, confirmed: “The talk about dissolving the popular mobilization is a figment of the imagination of some, because it is a safety valve and the backbone of the army and other security forces.”

Al-Baiji said in a press statement: “The talk by some of the politically bankrupt, about the dissolving of the popular mobilization, is nothing but a figment of the imagination that cannot be achieved even in their dreams, given that the popular mobilization is the striking and supporting force of the Iraqi army in protecting the security of the country and its holy sites from any external or internal aggression.

He pointed out: “The popular mobilization will not be a substitute for the Iraqi army, as some try to describe, but it is the backbone of the army and supports it in the event that there is any attack on the security of our country, and they will stand with our heroic sons from the army and other security forces shoulder to shoulder to protect our country and our people and preserve our security from any aggression or transgression at all levels.”

He explained: “The Popular Mobilization proved to everyone the extent of its combat capabilities during the battles against the terrorist gangs of ISIS, and how it played a great role in liberating our lands from these criminal gangs, and it will be steadfast in its position in protecting the country alongside the army and other security forces, and it will be an impenetrable wall that will stand in the face of everyone who is trying to jeopardize the security of our country, as it is today, and it is still stationed on our country’s borders to prevent any terrorist infiltration that might occur from neighboring countries.”

Al-Baiji said: “The Popular Mobilization is an official presence that the House of Representatives voted on, and it has a body that is directly linked to the Prime Minister and receives orders from him, just like the army and other security forces. Therefore, we will stand and support the Popular Mobilization and all other forces out of honor and gratitude for their blood and great sacrifices that they made in defense of the country and its sanctities.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency