Kirkuk The official of the Badr Organization / North Axis / Muhammad Mahdi Al-Bayati confirmed that the talk about the presence of the Peshmerga in Kirkuk, as it appeared through the statements and tweets, is electoral propaganda for a political party to win the support of the Kurds to limit the position of prime minister to a specific bloc.

He explained in a statement that it is illegal propaganda and a confiscation of voters’ rights at an early date, since the constitutional articles do not allow the presence of the Peshmerga outside the borders of the Kurdistan region.

He indicated that Kirkuk has been stable since the departure of the Peshmerga from it, and there are no compelling reasons for the presence of other forces.

He added that the presence of the federal forces (federal army and police) is the best solution to establishing security and fighting terrorism represented by ISIS and imposing security, and that any other attempt to mix the cards for political gains will drag the region into problems, and experience has proven since 2003 that the most successful experiment began in 2017, since the presence of the federal forces and the imposition of the law until now..

Source: National Iraqi News Agency