Baghdad The independent MP, Mansour Al-Baiji, confirmed that the rise in the price of the dollar created an economic crisis and increased the poverty rate.

He demanded in a press statement the government to take quick steps to limit the rise in the exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar because it created an economic crisis and harmed a very large segment of the Iraqi people and increased the poverty rate in the country and burdened the citizen in a very large way that cannot be tolerated.

Al-Baiji said that this unprecedented rise in the exchange rate, which we have always warned of its repercussions, has negatively affected the lives of citizens during the current situation due to the very high prices of foodstuffs and medicines.

He explained that the rise in oil prices in global markets should reflect positively on the economy of the country, which witnessed a significant deterioration during the previous period due to the Corona pandemic and the decision to raise the dollar exchange rate in the country, which directly harmed the life of the citizen who hopes for the best from the government, not to make such decisions that burned the markets and doubled the poverty rate in the country.

The exchange rate of the dollar during the last period witnessed an increase that exceeded the barrier of 150 thousand dinars for one hundred dollars.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency